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EGEMIN International NV

E'tricc® (Egemin Transport Intelligent Control Centre) is cutting-edge and real-time AGV management software (Automated Guided Vehicles). E'tricc® controls how vehicles should move in your working environment and makes sure all incoming transport orders are properly managed. E'tricc®'s cornerstones include: - Order management - Traffic control In order to optimise your AGV system, E'tricc® can be extended with several add-on modules for location management module, reception management, resource management, production management, statistics, PDA client software, etc. - Supervision: visualisation and diagnosis. Business Issue the Solution Addresses Management software for automatic guided vehicles (AGV). Traffic control of AGV's. Order Management of AGV's. Statistical Information of a complete AGV System. Real-Time Visualisation of AGV movements. Value of the Solution to Customers Improved usage of your warehouse. Extended traffic control flexibility. Wide range of Order Assignment possibilities. Dynamic Scheduling of orders reduces idle time of AGV's. Dynamic routing improves utilisation of the AGV-system. Based on dotNET technology, so it supports al modern software interfacing methodologies.

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