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AXtension® MatchPoint

van Pulse Group

Why AXtension® MatchPoint?

MatchPoint is a solution that saves tremendous amounts of time. No more lost invoices, no more disappointed suppliers, but up to date, confidential information protected by authorized access.

Processing purchase invoices can be a time-consuming task. Various departments and employees often have to check purchase invoices before they can be finally processed by the finance department. With MatchPoint XML messages from OCR recognition can be used
to process invoice identification - cutting down on time and manpower. Working with MatchPoint reduces the stress in the finance department.

MatchPoint also optimises the entire process of authorisation in businesses with a hierarchical system and decentralized procurement processes, where costs, services and materials are purchased by various people in numerous departments and sites.

What is AXtension® MatchPoint?

MatchPoint is a workflow management system developed for processing purchase matching. In MatchPoint, each supplier invoice is scanned to an image document such as a PDF, which is subsequently distributed within an electronic workflow for:

1.Matching against purchase orders

2.Authorising  purchase invoices

3.Processing he invoices.

A workflow is defined according to supplier, buyer and item group. MatchPoint can match a single supplier invoice against multiple packing slips through the entire workflow, even by authorising the invoice. The workflow has full electronic support and the invoice
undergoes a number of user-defined authorisation steps. With MatchPoint, matching packing slips is an extremely user friendly process and enables invoices differences to be posted to general ledger accounts at the same time. Invoices that correspond exactly
to the purchase order are fully booked at the moment of registration, and no individual processing workflow is created.

What are the advantages of MatchPoint?

MatchPoint offers the following advantages:

•Central registration of supplier invoices with integrated workflow based on supplier, buyer and item

•Totally automatic matching of incoming invoices to purchase orders

•Shorter approval cycles, so you can benefit from early payment discounts

•No more mislaid invoices

•Manual input reduced to a minimum

•Huge reduction in internal paperwork

•A better grip on the flow of incoming invoices.

•Automatic periodic accruals

•Invoice only physically handled once

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