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DITA Exchange

DITA Exchange Word Editor

de DITA Exchange
  • Tip aplicație

    Program de completare
  • Nevoi de afaceri

    Gestionare conținut, Gestionare documente
  • Funcționează cu

    Microsoft Word 2010
  • Focalizare domeniu

    Producție, Științele vieții, Telecomunicații

DITA Exchange Word Editor customizes the operation of Microsoft Word so that business users can easily edit and review DITA topics that can be reused across publications and communications channels.

The DITA Exchange Word Editor is a “VSTO Office Customization” that converts DITA XML to and from Microsoft Word, including tables, lists, footnotes, etc. It also provides a (DITA) Topic designer – making the assembly of valid DITA topics an easy process without the need to edit raw XML.

DITA Exchange Word Editor works closely with the DITA Exchange Server software running on SharePoint 2010. DITA Exchange Server administrators can define which metadata elements can or must be applied to DITA topics by authors, and DITA Exchange Word Editor obeys these server-defined settings while making it easy for authors to apply metadata to topics through the Microsoft Word document information panel.

DITA Exchange Word Editor nu a fost examinat de niciun client.

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